Killing In the Name of Who?

Religion seems very looks as if it is an organization filled with good members that are willing to do good to the world. If this is the case, no atheists or non-believers or anyone against religion will attack it and try to stop it. I feel fighting dogma is my job. I feel spreading some facts that I know, and other billions scientists know is a job for me. I do not fight the Good Titled Religion. I do not attack people who have faith. I do not attack good people who practice their own beliefs. I fight those who use their God name to do evil acts. I fight those who put god as an excuse to do what they want. “My God said killing other people because they have different religion is true! so I am doing it!” (in fact, this what happens).  I pin-point contradictions, things don’t make sense, question everything that seems irrational in religion  to fill my human need for answers and curiosity. By only looking at history, religion does more troubles than goodness. No? You think Christianity didn’t harm anyone? Its not all about candles and love that you see in churches. Let me give you few examples that shows how Religion can be a good excuse for unwanted acts.

  1. The Crusades.
  2. The wars between the Catholics and the Protestants in Europe. (Thirty Years’ Wars).
  3. World War 1 started because of a religious fanatic shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
  4. The African wars between the Hutus and the Tutsi’s.
  5. The Arab-Israeli war(s) were of course, religiously motivated.
  6. The millennia long conflicts between the Shia and the Kurds are religiously motivated.
  7. The conflict between Israel and Lebanon (Hezbollah) is undeniably religious in nature.
  8. The Children’s Crusade (1212) caused the deaths of nearly 50,000 children
  9. There were the Salem witch trials (1692) in America.
  10. The Taiping Rebellion in China in the 1850’s. A Christian cult started a war that resulted in the slaughter of twenty million people
  11. In the Holocaust six million Jews were murdered.
  12. Muslims and Christians in Bosnia reached a death toll of over 250,000.

Fighting with your God’s name will never be acceptable. This list can go on forever. Briefly, if you have a small church in your house and thousands of holy books- no one will bother you. Or make all your daughters wear a veil- we will not care. Religion should be something private, something you do personally with your own God. Don’t let it affect anybody. But when wars are being caused because this what your religion says right, we will fight it.

A NYT article, “Killing in the Name of “ Leana Wena talked about an interview with General Nkunda on how he led his troops in a religious fervor. It says:

 “Apparently, he is very influenced by the evangelist movement, and as a pastor in the Pentecostal church, he helps to convert and baptize his troops. He proudly sported a pin, “Rebels for Christ.” Before each drink and meal, he and his faithful prayed. “We fight in the name of the Lord,” he told us. “That is what I tell all my troops. When they fight, they have God on their side.”

Rebel? Fight? who on earth would say that Religion is a peaceful movement? Was he really using God as a license to kill? Was it really his conviction that God was helping him in his battel, or was he using “God’s excuse” as a way to lie, manipulate, convince his troops in this way? It would not be the first time that the name of God has been used to consolidate power.. above examples are the proof.

The basic values of humanity would not accept any acts such that killing and maiming innocent people in ANYONE’S name.

Eveil acts that are in the name of someone’s “bad morals and humanitarian self” is much more convincing than doing it in the name of God- and yet- still call religion peaceful.


Atheism Tweets 6, tweet-tweet

  • Why was Jesus not recognized by the Jews as their promised Messiah?
  • What evil did plants & animals do that died in the Great Flood? Why is there no separation between primary and secondary suffering?
  • Why does your God need people to spread his word, why does he not do this himself? What a lazy creationist.
  • Why did God needed to create the universe? & before there was a universe; where did he live?
  • How can an all-knowing God be disappointed in his creation? and on top of that, he doesn’t give them a “real” free-will.
  • I think people who don’t understand evolution and how we are connected to each other, are the one who more likely hate & fight with others.
  • What is the use of “Thou shalt not kill” if Christians get departed for war zones? it should be “Thou shalt not murder”.
  • What is the meaning of a blessing given to a marriage when the divorce rate among Christians is higher than among atheists?
  • Why search outside people’s heads when these phenomena of “supernatural experiences” can be explained based on their physiological basis?
  • Why does religion claim a moral high ground? This while faith has thwarted people and restricted their freedoms for centuries.
  • Why do creationists try so hard to disprove evolution when the creationist theory cannot be explained scientifically on any of its points?
  • I will stop talking about science and nature when you stop talking about a bloody Christ and an old script.
  • God, I’m sorry I’m not tweeting about u- I’m too busy. Will get back to u as soon as I can. Sincerely, the atheist that you hate.
  • Presit: “We only accept faithful believers.” Me: “Atheist accept everyone because we encourage logic & common sense.”
  • Seen 2day: a priest wearing a giant robe ornamented w/fancy golden design. My thoughts that moment: meanwhile, children are dying of hunger.
  • It’s expected from people in the 4th C to believe that someone died &raised from the dead. They had no other option but to believe.
  • We are sorry people; the lord  has risen, he had to take off using his dress as wings.
  • “The Ten Commandments”: commandments that u learn ONLY if u read the bible. Other than that, u can’t be ethical or moral. #Sarcasm
  • Sabbath Saturday: The day where the Christ body “rested” physically in the tomb..b/c it makes sense that a body needs to rest to live again
  • It’s Holy Saturday (Sabbatum Sanctum). The day where you are forbidden to work because you know..God’s would be bothered.
  • I prefer sitting on my desk studying &benefit myself rather than sitting on a church bench watching people praying for an imaginary person!
  • My dear parents: you will regret forcing me to go to church in Good Friday cuz I’ll make fun & distract you. Sincerely, you atheist daughter.
  • I’m the one in the house who read both old &new testaments of the bible, yet I’m an atheist b/c I understood it & analyzed it
  • Good Friday – Celebrating the murder &suffering of someone on a cross b/c this is the only way to save the humanity. That’s good.
  • Good Friday – celebrating a human who sacrificed his blood and life just because someone ate the apple
  • Good Friday- the day where people celebrate someone’s death.
  • Is wine good or bad? “Intoxicants…are an abomination of Satan’s handwork”5:90 VS. “the Garden which…in it are rivers of wine” (47:15) #Quran
  • Created man from blood/clay/dust/nothing?”out of blood”96:2 VS. “from sounding clay”15:26 VS.” from dust” (3:59) VS. “out of nothing” (52:35) #Quran
  • Who to blame for wrongs done?” Allah leaves stray whom He wills & guides whom He wills”(35:8) VS. “It was not Allah who wronged them” (30:9) #Quran
  • God needs man or man needs God? “I’ve only created Jinns &men that they may serve me” (51:56) VS. “It is u that have need of God” (35:15) #Quran
  • God wouldn’t create the Knowledge Tree & put it in the middle of the garden if he wasn’t insecure & unsure of his creation.
  • The order of God’s creation doesn’t make sense. Creating light before the sun…really??
  • Who bears guilt? “(AL 6:2)Bear ye one another’s burdens &  so fulfill the law of Christ” VS. “(GAL 6:5)For every man shall bear his own burden”
  • Merciful or Unmerciful? “I’ll not pity nor have mercy but destroy” (JER 13:14) VS. “The Lord  is very pitiful &of tender mercy.” (JAS 5:11)”
  • God can/can’t be seen? “For I’ve seen God face to face & my life is preserved” (GEN 32:30) VS.”For there shall no man see me & live” (EXO 33:20)
  • Good to be wise or not? (PRO 4:7) “Wisdom’s the principal thing therefore get wisdom” VS. (1CO 1:19:) “I’ll destroy the wisdom of the wise”
  • War or Peace? (EXO 15:3) “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name” VS.  (ROM 15:33) “Now the God of peace be with u all”
  • The interpretation of holy books is done by ordinary people; therefore, u cannot trust and follow a book that does not have a solid base.
  • Dear religious people: Why don’t u believe in aliens? You never saw them, you never heard their voices &we have comic books about them.
  • Islam = the belief that their holy book that they depend their entire life on was dropped from the sky.
  • Can God create another God? I don’t see why not…
  • Christianity = the belief that if you drink someone’s blood and eat someone’s body will save your eternal life.
  • I know Faith comes naturally & there’s no reason or proof behind it. But if u refuse to learn & question; then that’s a problem
  • You can still be ethical and moral without the teaching of religion. Those traits are learned by life experiences.

Atheism Tweets 5, tweet-tweet

  • God wouldn’t bother creating another illusion &hope called Heaven if he didn’t create the perfect place called the Earth
  • Religion done nothing but corrupting the world. It’s an indirect thirst for power that’s why there are still many followers to it.
  • Most religious people don’t know why they hang a tree in x-mas nor draw on eggs in Easter. It’s good if u understand your beliefs.
  • Every member of my family is in church & I’m home alone not worrying about Jesus going to Jerusalem to get killed.
  • If God has everything planned..why believers care for protection from earthquakes, hurricanes, global warming, tornado…etc?
  • Belief in God is a way to feel protected from ANY danger that can possibly happen to you.
  • God has a great plan when he doesn’t want to interfere w/a murderous or a rapist “Free Will”!
  • Sunnis kill Shiites although they’re both Muslims. Religion isn’t killing other religions but also different denominations within its ow
  • Closed systems and rigid doctrine countries are ALWAYS controlled by religion. Statistics and history is a proof.
  • I don’t have anything against people who have faith…I’m against those who have faith &still not willing to give science a chance.
  • Corruption comes from the need of power, and religion is thirsty for this power.
  • Who needs power? Religion. Who is corrupted? Religion.
  • Religious people calls the Big Bang “A Burp”. What I call God’ creation “A PUFF of dust!”
  • I don’t think God is evil, because he doesn’t exist anyway. People’s actions with the name of God and their religious are evil.
  • I don’t have time to pray for God & try to understand smth imaginary. I’m too busy discovering the universe& enjoy living in it.
  • Faith is when u can believe in things that are obviously hilarious without having your family & most of your friends laugh at u
  • God is like Aliens. You never saw them but you keep hearing about them.
  • Research has shown that prayer is not effective no matter how patient u are. Isn’t it wise to stop praying & do effectual things?
  • Religion countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA are the most troublemakers in the world.
  • God was sitting in the middle of nowhere someday and decided to create an earth w/a bunch of people that will doubt him. Oh..right
  • I tend to never get mad even when I’m offended with a Theists b/c it proves that I’m a logical/rational/reasonable person unlike them
  • Rejection of using common Sense & logic , is like the rejection of wearing ur wedding dress in ur wedding day. U have it but u don’t use it.
  • I’m glad there aren’t any female prophets often…at least they are smart enough to not be one!
  • Parents needs to provide teleological explanation for their kids of WHY they are doing/believing in things so they can think critically.
  • It angers me so much when a horrible thing happen & a person yells “Thank You Lord!”. Can’t you realize that you are selfish
  • Israelite took 40 years to cross a piece of desert? I bet they were going in circles
  • I wonder what is more populated; a Hell filled with good atheists or a Heaven filled with forgiven criminals?
  • Religion inspires people that they need to spread their own religion & dominate the world because that’s the right thing
  • Religion is the process of non-thinking, and the comfort of no questioning and worrying about answers
  • Why is Jesus always pictured to be a White thin male? why not Black, Asian, fat…?
  • “[..]Why do some varieties of whale have a pelvis & vestiges of hind legs? Young ones r born covered in hair & sometimes u see whiskers[..]”
  • Is your God a bit hypocritical to let criminals into heaven after forgiveness,but an atheist who worked hard to benefit others go to hell
  • Science cant make a complete statement about reality, because they always put a possibly of other discoveries. Why religion thinks it can?
  • It’s ironic that Christians who believe in an infinite being, record this same entity in closed systems & rigid doctrines
  • When are u going to realize God is a metaphor just like miracles are considered to be metaphors?
  • Why does religion claim a moral high power (God) while faith has restricted peoples’ freedom for centuries?
  • Are Islam / Christianity/ Jewish/ Buddhism..etc peaceful movements? Bombing a church or rapping a child doesn’t indicate anything peaceful
  • “God created man in his image and likeness.” Did God looked like an ape?
  • Human are bacterium & insignificant compared to God. Why would an infinite creator would want to be worshiped by tiny creatures?
  • God is forcing billions of people to participate in a game of Good & Evil. What’s your explanation for that?
  • If Islam makes more sense to me, and I was converted from Christianity to Islam; does this mean the christian God will burn me in hell?
  • 10% to 20% of women have miscarriages nowadays. Can I call you God the biggest abortionist?
  • What is the purpose of millions of galaxies? Why did God had the need to create them?
  • Most religious people suck at arguing, discussions & debates. They are always irrational & talk/judge based on their temper &emotions.
  • God without believers is just like a band without fans. Not too much power in hand
  • Sweety…there was once a father called God who loved his son so much; he wanted him to be murdered on a cross.
  • Difference between Atheism & Religion: Religion preach you & you have to obey. Atheism teach you and you have to keep learning

“The Maid, Kareema: A Girl from Iraqi Marshes”

UPDATE: The teacher gave me 100% grade for this essay! I was very proud 🙂 just like to share it here, fellow readers.

This post isn’t about Athiesm or Religion or God. It is a moral story for everybody. “The Maid, Kareema: A Girl from Iraqi Marshes” is a fictional story I wrote for my English class about a maid who is willing to learn. The default impression we have about Ma’adan is interrupted inncorectly, thinking they are a lower class people who have no idea what education is all about. This narrtive argumnet essay will argue the opposite.

I liked to share it with you, hoping I have some feedback. Note I am not a professional writer or even close to it. Many grammatical and punctual errors will be found!

             Kareema pulled the stained dish towel to sooth the sadness of being a maid surrounded by dirty dishes. Instead of soothing her sadness, the smell of oily cooking made her remember that she is still a maid and she will always be. Tears were burning her cheeks because of the image she visualize with her parents in the city playing with her brothers. The ugly fact struck her: her parents banished her from the Iraqi marshes in order to work as a maid and support herself. She loudly thinks in the kitchen, “Why me! Why me!” Few forks fall on the ground because she accidentally pushed them from the slippery table.  Her voice brought the young man, Mowaffak, looking aimlessly at her. “What’s wrong, Kareema?” looked Mowaffak at her with his big blue eyes and thick black eyebrows. Kareema flushed and started rubbing her hands with her wet, dusty dress. Mowaffak had a weird look at his face and left the kitchen.

Mowaffak is from a very typical Jewish family. His father, the village head administer and owner of the house that Kareema works at. Mowaffak is far different from his father. He always laid eyes on Kareema. Anyone who laid eyes on Kareema was, like Mowaffak, immediately captivated not only by her untypical beauty- the indistinct effect of her glowing face and raven hair – but also the mix of emotions reflecting on her features mixed with deep passion and vast wonder. Behind her eyes were stories that will never be told. She has the mix of easiness and yet toughness of keeping secrets. She is unsteady and unafraid to face this world. She has to face forward to survive in this house hold as her parents instructed her.

She had childish smile that allured him at every glance. Her big hazel eyes framed by the thick black eyebrows showed the mix of Eastern and Western beauty. Literacy seemed unimportant for her, yet wanted. Simplicity donned her face; her Abaya covered her entire body indicating shyness and reticence because she came from a different life style. A veil covering her hair indicated how close she was to her religion and traditions. Her ties to her homeland were obvious in her accent by using “Ch” rather than “Ga.”

Kareema was sitting against the window listening to Adhan prayerAllah is great, Allah is great. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah. Come to prayer, come to prayer. Come to the success, come to the success. There is no God but Allah.” She has a room in attic with one chair, a small bed, and a small table near her closet where she can keep her gifts from here mom. She started thinking about her houses in the Marshes, her house built over crystal clear water of Shatt El-Arab waterway and the union of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Her family’s hut was built from bamboo twigs with her village’s collaboration. The marshes population was low, but the space was even smaller to fit them all. Therefore, Kareema couldn’t attend school because only kids from age 6-12 were able to go. Even their schools were built from bamboo. There were no books. No desks, no pencils; only a teacher talking about a subjects and kids sitting on the dusty ground listening. The voices of water drifting while using the boat paddles to move from house to house were in her head like a sweet melody. She longed to go home…more and more every day.

 “Yella! Imshee! Yella!” go, walk, go! says the father to Kareema as he went out of his studying room. She stumbled upon the tall bookshelf on her right and a book fall off. She put the tray aside and picked up the book. She wiped the dust from it and opened it. A rush of feelings went upon her because she never held a book before. She moved her fingers on the cover texture and examined it. She peeked from the door and heard a voice coming. She quickly took the book, hid it in her dress, and left the room.

Kareema ran to her room to open that book and read it. She knew stealing that book will get her in trouble but she couldn’t stop herself from taking this opportunity to look at the book for the first time. She opened the book and all she saw is lines orientated on the paper like small drawings. The letters and words had no meaning to her because she couldn’t read them. Nevertheless, she enjoyed looking at those perfectly artistic lines written in the formal Arabic letters. She longed to learn, she longed to be educated, and she longed to be something other than a maid. Kareema hold the book close to her chest and laid down on her bed thinking how would it be like if this family allowed her to read, write, and learn. She closed her eyes and went to her world of fantasy.

Mowaffak, just like any other 16 years-old boy, wants to flirts with the 15 years-old Kareem. “I saw you the other day looking at a book- what was that about, Kareema?” he teases her with his whispering. Kareema avoided looking at him and continued washing the dishes. He got closer so she can only hear and said, “I can teach you how to read and write. I can sense your love for learning. Meet me in the roof at 6:00 pm every Wednesday. I will bring a chalk and a notebook.” Then he left. She glanced at the back of his head as he disappeared from the big kitchen doors. Kareema stared at the door for a long time, and quickly imagined her self-writing and reading a book that she own.

Wednesday came, and she decided to attend Mowaffak’s lesson. He held the chalk tight and started drawing the Arabic alphabet. He suggested she copies him on the notebook so she reference to it later. The rush of happiness passed through her is like a little child learning how to walk. “Alif, Ba’a, Ta’a” murmurs Mowaffak as he put his hands on hers to help her spell the letters correctly. Her eyes following the lines that created a fancy letters, her fingers holding the pencil tight to position the dots above the letters and her heart pounding and wants to experience more of this wonderful journey. Lesson after lesson, Kareema was able to write long sentences and paragraphs. She kept all her writings in the notebook Mowaffak gave her.

Kareema put the pencil down and observed Mowaffak. She then carefully wrote on the paper “Thank you for time on roof. I love this.” Mowaffak smiled and wrote back “You are welcome. I respect your love for learning.”

He began to learn about her life style. Being an Arab girl from Marshes is not something less decent than he is. She is very proud of her place and the way she lives. Before knowing her, he had general impression on people who wear the Abaya and veil; thinking they are not open-minded as other people. Nevertheless, as he sat with her and talked, she seemed very open and kind. She measured depth and beauty of things by their simplicity and authentic nature rather than complexity and rapid change in life. Mowaffak learned about her beliefs, traditions, life style, her perspective on life…all these were different yet the core human values made them close. Mowaffak feelings were just like Sir Wilfred Thesiger in his classic The Marsh Arabs (1964). Sir Wilfred experience in the huts of the various tribes in marshes of Southern Iraq made him realize what really is provided for them and what their obstacles are (Thesiger p. 80).

The author Gavin Young portrays in his book Return to the Marshes: Life with the Marsh Arabs of Iraq “the man I saw at the consul’s table in Basra all those years ago was tall and gaunt with a long, creased, sunburnt face, deep-set, probing eyes and large, sinewy, sunburnt wrists and hands. I found later that he was amazingly strong. He has been successful light- heavyweight boxer at Oxford- but he has strength quite different from that of a run-of-the-mill undergraduate bruiser.” (Young p.14).

Kareema was no more than a person who is willing to learn but was put in the wrong environment. The Iraqi Arab marshes are not a lower class than we are, they are not uneducated people, and they are not less decent than other groups of people. The place they lived required them to care for their land more than their education.  The saying “You are just like a ma’adan” should be interrupted differently. In fact, I would be proud if someone called me “Ma’adan” because for me, they are referring to the deep ethics and core they have to take care of their land like it is a piece of their heart.

I was unable to say what I wanted to say. The act of holding a pen and getting it closer to the paper required a pause to think. Not the usual thinking like other people. I think to remember which letter to write first,” utters Kareema to Mowffak at their last lesson.

Atheism Tweets 4, tweet-tweet

  • The Bible says the Earth is 8000 years old, created in 7 days& man’s made of dirt. Church says it’s allegory. What phrase in bible proves that?
  • If God is real, he wouldn’t let his “children” die everyday.
  • Dear Pope Benedict XVI, get off your golden chair &make a change in the world because you have so much money and power!
  • Many people feel secure by the idea of God’s existence. They don’t want to get into that deep voice of doubt inside them.
  • Build libraries & schools to read & learn in a fun way, not churches that u have to shut your mouth by force so an old man preach.
  • God didn’t help us fighting the right to vote, nor helped us end segregation. It’s all human’s determination to work things out.
  • Kids should know Ethics and Morals not God and Religion! at least their core will be built strongly based on deep things.
  • Don’t limit yourself in the ordinary. Always think as if there is no box to force your thinking within. Discover, Learn, and Wonder.
  • Big claims = Big evidences. If you don’t get that straight, then you better not claim anything.
  • The more I study sciences, the more convinced I become that God doesn’t exist, and will never be. 
  • Explore the universe that its wonders & mysteries will never be ended, rather than exploring one book written blindly by men.
  • Discrimination & Slavery was mentioned in the bible. How can u feel safe reading that book?
  • I respect Satan somehow. He said NO to God , while other obeyed like slaves when they were not convinced.
  • The bigger possibility of getting what u want is working it together to happen rather than having to of your hands praying.
  •  sense that Atheists number will be doubled in the next few years due to the massive amount of technology and modern science.
  • I  can’t sit back relaxed believing in something not proven just b/c its easier. I’ll research & question even though its harder.
  • Some people just feel safe having faith knowing someone will guide them;but they don’t think of the bad things God cause to others.
  • Why would God create human that he know they will sin, and have to sacrifice his son for that? shouldn’t he know already?
  • God was out of ribs to create Eve that’s why he needed one from Adam.
  • [Assuming it’s true] I wish God end genocide, wars, feminine, diseases all in 6 days just like he created the entire universe in 6 days.
  • Reasoning is the seasoning for the mind.
  • I fight global genocide, religious caused wars, priests rapping children, slavery…and not the Good titled Religion.
  • U can’t be “too atheist”…just like u can’t be “too good”. Logic and learning is within us; that’s why we are connected to our atheism.
  • As science and technology improve, religious arguments get weaker. Therefore, they try to prove Religion scientifically 😛
  • No, God shouldn’t punish kids by letting them have diseases or suffer just b/c their parents were sinners! this is ridiculous.
  • God isn’t exactly the “father” image I would want to have.
  • Being an Atheist is relaxing not b/c I wont be committed to praying or go to church but b/c I know I’m not cheating on my mind& common senses.
  • “Human are the children of God”…so why is it a big deal if “Jesus is the son of God”?
  • I’ve met more ethical, respectful, reasonable non-believers than believers :))
  • You don’t have to learn how to forgive, love, care in religion only! Those are morals, ethics & values that can be by learnt from life experiences.
  • Why don’t they make churches look like schools? people will be more interested learning rather than having someone talk forever.
  • How sad that the second Adam opened his eyes, God started ordering him and telling him not to eat from the tree.

Atheism Tweets 3, tweet-tweet

  • We are tiny creatures in a pale blue dot in cosmic universe. Let’s make the best out of us rather than killing each other to see who’s God’s real.
  • Saying “If God doesn’t exist, who wrote the bible?” is the same as saying “If the Greek gods don’t exist, who create Greek Mythology?”
  • Who cares if God exists? We care for people who believe in his existence, follow Religion and act based on it.
  • If Jesus used to drink apple juice instead of wine, then we would be serving apple juice in churches.
  • If Jesus were executed today by electric chair,then Christians would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks!
  • If lived till now, the U.S government would find him and take advantage of his magician talents to impress its citizens. 
  • Read the bible properly and you will find the contradictions.
  • There are many questions unanswered & will be very hard to find answers; but that doesn’t mean u stop researching, questioning & wondering.
  • Church is a perfect place to teach ignorance&mythical stories from a book. It’s also a comfy place to take nap at.
  • I don’t blame people in the Dark Ages to believe in religion. I blame people in the 21st century to believe in such thing.
  • Being healthy isn’t another kind of disease. Atheism isn’t another kind of religion.
  • A belief will make ur brain stop functioning b/c u r certain of something & not willing to doubt/question it. A non-functioning brain’s dead.
  • The bible doesn’t have clear answer where I came from; therefore, I don’t trust it for telling me where I will go after.
  • It’s disturbing when we call preachers “Father”! He’s a person w/deep religious beliefs & so much money to own a building called “Church”.
  • No one would sin if they really believed in hell completely.
  • Being a non-believer doesn’t require faith just like not believing in Mermaids doesn’t require faith. 
  • When u express disagreements & debates w/ religions it doesn’t forces atheism on u, but rather forces religion to prove what it claims.
  • ἄθεος. We are artistic and unique looking even in our names! 😛
  • No beliefs in supernatural, use logic & common sense to draw conclusions, lack of belief in higher power. That’s what Atheism is about.
  • ‘In God we trust’….to never stop wars, genocides, rapes, famine, murder, cruelty. Oh yes, I trust him with all my heart.
  • God: Do what u wish [Free Will], but if u chose the wrong decision, I’ll burn u in hell. Me: how the hell am I supposed to know?!
  • You cannot say the bible is true because it is written on the bible that the bible is true! Did I confuse you?
  • You don’t learn Morals and Ethics in the bible. You learn how to Obey.
  • If God has a plan for you, why do you drive on speed limit? why are you careful crossing the street? why do you go to the doctor
  • Wise men are not afraid to question.
  • You shouldn’t take your imagination too seriously, and then transform it to something called “Faith”.
  • Can people who never hear about Jesus or any other prophet/God go to Heaven?
  • It shock me how some scientists believe in a Higher Power.
  • I love reading verses from Holly Books to prove to me how peaceful religions are.
  • Verse that encourage killing. Quran(8:59-60)- “and let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip (Allah’s Purpose). They cant escape”.
  • Quran (61:4) – “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way”—Religions of Peace, indeed!
  • Quran is one of the most violent holly books! Quran (9:14)- “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace…”
  • Quran (8:12) – “…I’ll cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads &strike off every fingertip of them.”
  • If God creation’s perfect (Earth) why does he need 2create another perfect place ( Heaven ) & use it to  entice us to believe in him?
  • Purpose of creating hell is punishment for sinful actions. Shouldn’t it be used for correctional purposes?
  • Why God demands on killing people in the bible? “Exodus 35:2 – God demands that we kill everyone who works on the Sabbath day.”
  • Another quote from bible that God demands killing. “Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – God demands that we kill disobedient teenagers.”
  • I get shocked more & more reading those quotes from the bible . “Leviticus 20:13 – God demands the death of homosexuals.”
  • he ignorance of God & his bible quotes. “Deuteronomy 22:13-21 – God demands that we kill girls who are not virgins when they marry.”
  • Encouraging Slavery in the bible. “1 Peter 2:18 – Slaves need to obey their masters, even if their masters are harsh.” 

Kony 2012 Drama

If you use social media quiet often, then you must have passed through Kony 2012 in any YouTube video, or maybe read about the invisible children. It got over 100 million views in six days. I think the persuasive appeals and everything I can ever learn in my English class was tempted very successfully in this video. Basically, Joseph Kony is the leader of Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda. He kidnaps children, forces male kids to be soldiers to kill people and their parents. Female kids are sex slaves to soldiers. He has abducted more than 30000 children in Central Africa and forced them to be child soldiers. Joseph doesn’t have any cause. His purpose of torturing children and doing all this murderous acts to maintain his POWER. It is very crazy and sad how power corrupts people, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about those people who are against the idea of posting a similar video and being “lied to” through social media.

Many people I’ve met have ultimate anger on the way this issue was presented. Some of them say that America knows about Kony for 26 years and never made an action, so why is she caring for this now? My response to this is, if America is unethical then its your job to question the government and not the creator for this organization or video. The American government wouldn’t give without taking anything back. In fact, she is too busy with her own issues. The United States will not care for a case that is not international. No intervention will be taken.

Others says that America is doing all this for publicity and will have an excuse to go take the diamonds from Uganda‘s fields. First of all; unless you dig for diamonds in Uganda everyday, don’t say “there is Diamonds in Uganda”. Whenever people know that the citizens of that country are black (African supposedly), they assume they have diamonds! You know what? let America get whatever diamonds it wants if she will actually capture this criminal, just like it caught Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Why do you care anyway? if you are too ethical yourself then you go to Uganda and capture this monster! United States will get the diamonds and whatever fortune there is (if there is) if she wanted to. So getting those things and capturing a criminal at once is a good thing.

Group of people say that Kony is irrelevant and it is a scam. Whether it is a scam or not, you have nothing to lose. Click the share button, let people see what is happening in the outside world. Even if this specific character is not real, there ARE people like him and maybe in Uganda it self that is doing the same thing but not under the name “Joseph Kony”. One of the biggest purpose of this organization is to share awareness, and let the society know that there are innocent people dying, while we are here enjoying our holidays and events.

I don’t have strong foundation of politics, nor I have any knowledge of what is really happening in this Kony 2012 drama. Whatever it is, I know there is a criminal like this wondering around killing children. If there is a possibility that this murderous person to be caught and stop his acts then I would do it. If posting a poster on the street will bring awareness and help, then I will do it. I fight for humanity, I fight for human rights, and I fight for equality. When I see the sense of ‘making a change’ available to me, then I will never miss that chance. If my poster on my neighborhood wall will give $5 to my government, then let it be. Justice needs to be delivered, and that’s by making Kony 2012 famous, to raise recognition to this sick criminal to the government. Maybe the government is doing this for money or diamonds, maybe it is a scam and it is a waste of time, maybe it was known for years but the government ignored it…but so what? If you truly fight for human’s rights, then you would think that there is nothing to lose to recognize those issues. Those children deserve to live just like you do. Make a difference because you are a big part of the change!

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Watch video here:


God Showing His Powers in Six Days

NOTE: If you are a believer who get offended easily; I suggest you don’t keep on reading. 

Unfortunately, for thousands and thousands of years, religion has convinced many people of illogical illusions and stories that has been inherited from one generation to the other.

Religion has convinced people that there is a man in the sky. Why a man? we don’t know…he is just a man for sure. He is always pictured to be as an old man wearing white dress. One day he was bored and decided to create a living life. Because he was in a hurry, he wanted to show all his powers in 6 days [impressing us when we know about this story]. On the first day, God created Heaven and Hell. Heaven is a  place where you can be so happy up in the clouds, walking around naked without anyone noticing you and eating all the fruits you want. Hell is a place filled with torture, anguish and smoke. You will be under ground with fire pouring on you and making your skin melt and burn. God created the Light and Darkness by just ordering “let there be light” (without creating the sun yet). Then God created the Earth. How? WHO are you to question his creation!!

After that, in the second day, God created the sky. The sky which we call it “atmosphere” that contains all the mixture of gas molecules and other materials. Not something important to mention so God decide it to just tell us he “created” it and that’s it.

The third day, God the Great Designer, created the oceans and the rivers, along with thousands of different types of trees and plants.  What a delicious variety of foods God made. Note that he created all those rivers and ocean, everything that goes along with it like the tectonic plates, active plates…etc.

Then for some reason, the fourth day he created “light” again but separated it from day and night. It just happened to be dark. I think God is so sweet to think that we can’t sleep if it’s light, that’s why he created darkness.

God is not tired yet! he created the sun, the moon and the stars even though there was plenty of light. When I say stars, I mean billions of other starts and planets.

Then God…wait, what day this is? I don’t know, this is too confusing to me so I lost count. So God just magically created the animals, and all the beautiful creatures. (He didn’t create Dinosaurs [never written in bible] but somehow they exsits and we have evidence for them today). All kinds of animals that we know were evolving since billions of years were created in one day. For some weird reason, he even created parasites, mosquitoes, bugs and spiders. Insects that doesn’t really do much to our chain if they were simply “created” magically. No evolution involoved in this process, they were just there when God ordered it to be.

The heroic God, felt there was something missing. Why would he create all this if no one is enjoying it? if he didn’t have “slaves” to order them? So God created the man out of dust from ground…He didn’t know the are going to be people who will want to know what are they made from, and how they came to be human in this specific form, therefore, God didn’t needed to mention that in bible or other holy books. He didn’t have to mention what we are made of…like explaining body systems: Skeletal, Digestive. Muscular, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Reproductive, Urinary systems. Not needed!! Nor he cared to mention all the details about our blood, skin, and elemnts that formed our body. I can go forever in this.

Poor Adam woke up to the scary voice of God, in the middle of a garden called “Garden of Eden”. Since the first day Adam opened his eyes, God started ordering him for tasks and rules. It is like was so thirty to control someone [he wasn’t satisfied with having angles around him to serve him]. Adam was assigned of naming all the edenic animals. No? well, it was mentioned here “The man gave names to all livestock and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field” – Genesis 2:20. I feel sad for Adam because he can’t say no to God just like a slave can’t say no to his master. He has to name over 40,000 spices! he must be smart to come up with 40,000 names especially he was just born and has no education or knowledge. He also asked him to not eat from the “Knowledge Tree”. Adam asked “Why did you create it then?!” God was embarrassed and changed the subject. I find it very shallow from God to “test” his creations this way. And he should already know what they are going to do because he has all power. Plus, why would he let an evil snake in the garden? anyway…

Then! the most interested creation is Eve. She was created from Adam’s rib. God was out of ribs that’s why he needed one from Adam. He was too busy to go shop in the “Rib Store”. Whoever argue “scientifically” that male ribs are one fewer than females then Eve was created from Adam; obviously never understood his biology class in high school. Well, if you care about science book that have heavy count of evidence rather than a children story in the bible; you will know that both male and female have 24 sets of ribs.  So magically, Eve was created from dust and a rib from Adam.

Those are the magical, yet fantastic and  illogical creations of God. It is so interesting that he can do all above in 6 days. I wished he can end genocide, wars, feminine, disease all in short period of time. It is ridiculous that people leave “Evolution” that has been supported with massive count of evidence, fossil records, molecular evidence, genetic evidence….etc AND simply believe this story of creation. Even my 5 years-old brother wouldn’t agree to believe in such fairy tale and will consider it a bed time story only.

Wake-UP World!

Atheism Tweets 2, tweet-tweet

  • I wish the concept of “Believing In God” was the only thing created by man…at least less destructive than “Religion”.
  • Does God have Free Will? I bet he is using it…
  • Why does God never do any appearances (miracle) now? we have advanced technology to test, measure, and record it.
  • Why did God expected Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree before they can differentiate between whats right and wrong?
  • Why wouldn’t God stop raping, killing, stealing…etc? what on earth is making him busy?
  • I “Hope” for things to happen, but not “Pray”. The Law of Attraction (like attracts like) makes more sense than talking to yourself.
  • I love how ppl tell me that the proof of God existence is the Secret Life, the proof is discovering the divine within u LOL
  • How come God and Jesus are the same person?
  • I used to be a Christian & I hated it. I hated to live with doubts and questions that I blindly answer them with Faith.
  • The society will get used to Atheist and Gays just like they got used to Black people in the 19
  • When I am debating about religion..believe me I am just discussing; I am not criticizing or disrespecting you.
  • 1000s yrs ago, Jesus turned water into wine,fed 5000 people with fish & bread. Why doesn’t he do that in the 21st century.
  • The men who wrote the bible, r the same ppl who thought the earth was flat. So intelligent. Enough to trust their words for years.
  • Why people care about Hell& Heaven? Lets assume they exists, you won’t feel anything once you die so why to worry?
  • When religious people face a deadly disease, they say “This is God plan to me”. God, make ur plans less harmful please.
  • There are over thousands of religions today. I hope I don’t see this world corrupt more than this in the next 10 years. 
  • Science cured disease with medicines. Religions excused diseases with God.
  • God isn’t so great when he killed everyone but 8 ppl in the era of Noah’s flood. Oh wait, he doesn’t exist, therefore; this flood is a myth.
  • The bible is such an interesting novel/fiction to read
  • Walking on water, talking to snakes, healing the blind… Jesus was a good magician.
  • 50 out of 5000 visitors yearly in Vatican, get cured from a disease they have. Statistically,this is a coincidence; not a miracle.
  • God should know I’ll be skeptical and an Atheist. Shouldn’t he left a good evidence for his existence?
  • Make a difference in the world by thinking logically and critically. That’s a good idea for lent.
  • Giving up meat all year long not only for 40 days during Lent is more convincing for me
  • How can u possibly think that your body is made of ash? where the hell your middle/high school Biology lectures go?
  • If we all came from Adam and Eve why are there different races?
  • If Adam and Eve were the only two people on Earth, who did their children marry?
  • Religions hates other Religions..r u jealous from each others?or r u trying 2 dominate the world w/ur imaginary mind-created God?
  • Answers that may never be questioned is called Religion.
  • Questioning religion is a nature in humans. If I followed my nature rather than my family’s beliefs; then this must be expected
  • God can prohibit sins in a blow of air just like he created Adam in that way
  • Today I heard a preacher saying infront of kids “God, God..Burn Muhammad in hell!”…ahh the irony. What a loving icon for the children.
  • Don’t prove the events in the bible using the bible. This is called circular reasoning.